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Ride Support

Official Bike Stores
: Bike stores who provide riders with mechanical support at all breakpoints, lunch stops and the overnight.

Ride Marshal: Ride Marshals are registered riders who act as both Good Will and Safety Ambassadors for the Ride and Recommended Rides.
bike MS Safety Zone

Bike Medic: A registered rider who provides medical assistance along the route.

Bike Police: A Bike Patrol volunteer is a registered rider who assists with safety and directs traffic when needed on the route. Bike Patrol volunteers are certified peace officers.

Motorcycle Marshal: Motorcycle Marshals provide motorcycle escort support along the route to troubleshoot problems and ensure rider safety. Responsibilities may include starting the Ride on Days 1 and 2, monitoring the flow of riders, assisting with traffic control, communicating with Ride officials via the command center or net control and handling minor incidents.

SAG Drivers: Special Assistance Group (SAG) volunteers drive vans and transport cyclists who are unable to ride.

Breakpoint Controllers: Provide cyclist traffic control just inside each Breakpoint as cyclists enter and exit each Breakpoint.

Amateur Radio/HAM Operators: Amateur radio operators form the primary Start-to-Finish communications network for the ride. Operators are assigned to several different groups or stationed at different locations along the route.

Medical Team: Provide medical assistance at all official sites and on the route.